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ParkZone PKZ7075 Airplane (Discontinued)
This item is discontinued but parts are still available in the Parts List below.
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A true pilot’s plane, the Habu EDF Sport Jet is a full-throttle thriller that is a joy to fly at any speed.

The brute power of its E-flite® BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor mated to an E-flite Delta V® ducted fan, produce enough excess thrust for blistering high-speed passes down on the deck or slow rolls from one end of the runway to the other . When it comes time to throttle back and enter the pattern, its remarkably tame slow-speed manners will reward any intermediate to experienced pilot with picture-perfect nose-high landings.


• E-flite BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor with E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan unit (installed)
• E-flite 60A Pro with Switch-Mode BEC ESC (installed)
• Full 4-channel control, includes fully functional rudder
• Wing and airframe design optimized for a wide flight envelope
• Silver Z-Foam™ construction
• Removable landing gear